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The RENOHANDS originally started as a home appliance service provider in the Halton and Peel Regions.  However, it evolved to include small engine repairs over the years to respond to our customers' demand for services on their small engine machines and gas-powered type equipment.  From lawnmowers, snowblowers, power washers, generators, riding mowers, and rototillers. 

Our crew is composed of experienced, manufacturer-trained, and certified technicians and mechanics working 7 days a week in the Peel and Halton Regions + Etobicoke, Burlington, and Waterdown.


SERVICE is not only our profession. It is our VOCATION.

Call us now for a free consultation and service appointment at 647-913-9779 and 416-909-3383 or book online @



Buying an item no matter how small or big is now done online, . . . even cars, saving customers the trip to the store or dealership. CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE is not only what consumers demand but it's what they need. Even services can be ordered online.  That's why we're here because your convenience is our top priority. 

No need to haul your equipment and drive to the shop for repair. WE COME TO YOU for your convenience. Our manufacturer-trained and certified technicians will render service on your small engines at your place in no time. 

Service is not only our "Profession", but it is also our "Vocation".

Basic Maintenance Tune-up

When your well-running mowers have not been serviced for the last 50 hours of use, it needs a maintenance tune-up to ensure a longer service life for your machine.

  • Check/Change Oil

  • Flush out old gas and refill with fresh fuel

  • Check/Replace Spark Plug 

  • Inspect/Replace Air Filter

  • Remove and Sharpen Cutting Blade

  • Inspect Cooling Fins and Clean Deck Top

  • Check Drive System and Wheels



Accepted Payments

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